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Are Hikvision Cameras Any Good? Hear from Our Security Experts!

Nov 23rd, 2023
Are Hikvision Cameras

If you’re in the market for a new security system, Hikvision is one of the first names that you’ll come across. Over the past 20 years, Hikvision has become synonymous with quality security equipment. Today, their cameras and alarms are a staple for many Australian homes, businesses, and public spaces. 

As one of Melbourne’s leading security companies, we’ve worked with Hikvision for many years. This work has included everything from expert consultations to on-site installation, maintenance and repairs. 

So, why are more people putting their faith in Hikvision cameras? And most importantly, are they any good? Throughout this article, our security experts will explore their key features, capabilities and variations. Hopefully this will provide you with all the information you know to decide between Hikvision and other brands.

What Hikvision Cameras are Available?

Before you rush to invest in security/CCTV cameras, first familiarise yourself with the options available. In an ideal world, the product you purchase should meet the functional and spatial needs of your property. As an example, a retail store may have vastly different security requirements than a townhouse or one-storey home. 

Before you rush to invest in security/CCTV cameras, first familiarise yourself with the options available. In an ideal world, the product you purchase should meet the functional and spatial needs of your property. As an example, a retail store may have vastly different security requirements than a townhouse or one-storey home.

Hikvision’s current range includes:

IP cameras

Smart devices that transform received images and audio into data that is transmittable over secure internet connections. Often dubbed the future of CCTV technology, IP cameras are becoming more and more popular for both residential and commercial settings.

Thermal cameras

Thermal cameras excel in low-light and challenging weather conditions by detecting and visualising temperature differences. They are ideal for security, industrial, and environmental monitoring.

Intelligent Traffic Cameras

Intelligent traffic cameras are specifically designed for traffic monitoring and management. They capture and analyse data like vehicle speed, licence plates, and traffic flow to enhance road safety and enforce regulations. These cameras are widely used by transportation departments and law enforcement agencies.

HD Analog Cameras

While more traditional, Hikvision’s analog range is amongst the most technologically advanced on the market today. These cameras provide high-definition video that can be logged into a centralised database.


One of Hikvision’s most popular products, the HiLook series is available in both analog and IP form. HiLook cameras are typically affordable, easy-to-operate and suitable for areas that require basic to intermediate security solutions.

Of course, if you are unsure or investing in security cameras for the very first time, we would always recommend reaching out to the professionals. This is also a great opportunity to explore options to connect the cameras with alarms, intercoms, and other measures. 

Who Typically Uses Their Security Cameras?

Since Hikvision manufactures cameras for a wide range of purposes, their products are used by everyone from government organisations to retailers, corporates, industrial operators and homeowners. 

Although CCTV systems have been commonplace in many of these settings, the residential sector has experienced the biggest jump in demand over the past few years. We covered this trend in a recent article, which you can read right here.

For now, let’s quickly explore the various sectors that tend to use Hikvision security cameras in Melbourne.

Government Organisations: From councils to government departments, many Melbourne based institutions rely on high-performance cameras like the Hikvision DarkFighterX Series for critical surveillance requirements. 

These cameras excel in low-light conditions and provide exceptional image quality, making them ideal for monitoring public spaces, transportation hubs, and border areas. Their advanced analytics capabilities help authorities detect suspicious activities and respond swiftly to security threats.

Retailers: In the retail sector, Hikvision’s DeepinView Series cameras are popular choices. These cameras feature deep learning technology for intelligent video analytics. Retailers can use them to identify and track customer behaviour, manage inventory, and effectively prevent theft. 

Precise object detection and recognition capabilities of these cameras make them invaluable for loss prevention, as well as follow up data for break-ins, trespassing or burglaries.

Corporate Enterprises: Corporate offices often require a mix of indoor and outdoor cameras. The Hikvision ColorVu Series excels in providing clear, full-colour images in low-light conditions, making them suitable for monitoring office interiors and parking lots. 

For outdoor security, the Hikvision AcuSense Series offers intelligent motion detection and event classification, reducing false alarms and enhancing overall security.

Industrial Operators: Industrial settings demand rugged and reliable cameras, and the Hikvision TurboHD Series fits the bill. These cameras offer high-resolution images and are suitable for monitoring machinery, production lines, and large outdoor areas. 

A robust design allows these cameras to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them ideal for factories and construction sites.

Homeowners: For Melbourne homeowners, the Hikvision EZVIZ Series offers a user-friendly and cost-effective home security solution. These cameras are easy to install and provide real-time video monitoring through smartphone apps. 

Homeowners can keep an eye on their property, receive alerts for suspicious activities, and even communicate with visitors through two-way audio on select models.

What Makes Hikvision Cameras Unique? 

Unless you have a specific preference or a history with a certain brand, it can be hard to navigate the different options available. Aside from speaking with a local security expert, the other step to take is to investigate each brand’s specific advantages, features and notable selling points.


Hikvision’s cameras come equipped with powerful software solutions designed to cater to the needs of homeowners and business owners in Melbourne. Their user-friendly interface allows for seamless remote access and management.

With the Hik-Connect app, you can conveniently monitor your property in real-time from anywhere. Moreover, Hikvision’s cameras often incorporate intelligent analytics, such as facial recognition and intrusion detection, providing precise security alerts and enhancing overall situational awareness.


Hikvision consistently leads in security camera innovation. Their commitment to cutting-edge technology is evident through features like AcuSense, which intelligently distinguishes between humans and other objects, reducing false alarms.

Additionally, their ColorVu technology delivers vivid, full-colour images even in low-light conditions, ensuring that you capture crucial details when it matters most. For Melbourne residents and business owners, this innovation translates to heightened security and peace of mind.


With an extensive camera line-up, their range includes everything from compact dome cameras to doorbell cameras with two-way audio, and even PTZ cameras for comprehensive coverage.

Business owners can choose from vandal-proof dome cameras, thermal imaging cameras for perimeter protection, and mobile cameras for on-the-go surveillance. Hikvision’s versatility ensures that you can find the ideal camera to safeguard your property in Melbourne.


Hikvision offers various lens measurements to cater to different surveillance needs. These measurements are typically specified in millimetres (mm) and determine the focal length of the lens, which directly affects the field of view (FOV) and the camera’s capabilities. Here are some common lens measurements available

2.8mm Lens: A wide-angle view, suitable for capturing a broad area.

4mm Lens: A balanced view that covers a moderate area.

6mm Lens: This lens provides a narrower FOV compared to the 2.8mm and 4mm options.

8mm Lens: The 8mm lens offers a further reduced FOV and is typically used when you need to monitor a smaller, more distant area or require greater detail at a distance.

12mm Lens: Hikvision’s 12mm lens provides a highly focused view, making it ideal for long-distance surveillance.

Varifocal Lenses: Varifocal lenses are adjustable and allow you to manually change the focal length within a specified range. 


As a company, Hikvision firmly believes that quality security should be accessible to all. Their cameras strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and high performance, ensuring that Melbourne residents and business owners get exceptional value for their investment.

With Hikvision, you typically don’t have to compromise on security or features. This makes their cameras a viable choice for anyone looking to bolster on-site security without breaking the bank. 

Are Their Products Worth It?

When it comes to security camera investment, everyone has their own set of prerequisites and requirements. This can be anything from a need to cover multiple points of entry to safeguarding valuable business inventory. 

As we’ve covered already, Hikvision cameras come with intuitive software, innovative features, and cameras that capture and transfer real-time data with ease. Another benefit is that even after they’re installed, these cameras can also be upgraded to expand their scope and coverage.

Another deciding factor, of course, is affordability. So, how does Hikvision stack up against the likes of Bosch and Dahua?

While installation costs vary from company to company, Hikvision is generally slightly more expensive upfront. However, their user-friendly features and secure data often make them a wise investment – particularly if you’re planning to use the cameras for many years to come.

At Hypower Security, we offer CCTV installation in Melbourne for as low as $999.00. Reach out to us now for further details!

Easy to Install

We can’t forget to mention this point. Easy installation is one of the signature benefits of the Hikvision brand. Hikvision cameras come with manuals that have step-by-step guides for DIY installation, which is quite simple, even more so if the areas you want to place them are readily accessible. This, combined with user friendly features like receptive touch screens, smartphone apps and efficient NVR management, all make their products both simple to understand and easy to operate. 

Even though Hikvision cameras are designed for easy installation, there are still many situations where you will need the help of licensed security technicians. This may be relevant for hard-to-reach areas, smart home wiring and more complex security system integration.

Professional installation is also a great way to make sure you don’t miss out on any crucial system features, add-ons or benefits. 

Hikvision’s 5 Year Product Warranty

As specialists in CCTV installation and repairs, we always recommend investing in products that are backed by manufacturer warranty. In 2020, Hikvision officially implemented a 5 Year warranty that applies to many of their premium products. However, even if this doesn’t apply to the specific product you are purchasing, they will still be covered under the baseline 3 year warranty policy.

Get Professional Advice

About to invest in CCTV cameras? Whether you’re interested in IP, analog or other more specialised options, Hypower Security is here to lend a hand. Our experienced and fully licensed technicians offer CCTV installation from Dandenong to Broadmeadows and everywhere in between.

Check out our current Hikvision deals online or contact us directly to speak with an expert.

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