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How Alarm Systems And Security Cameras Deter Crime

Aug 07th, 2023
How Alarm Systems And Security Cameras Deter Crime

According to recent statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the number of break-ins has increased for the first time in more than a decade. These break-ins can involve the theft of valuable personal belongings, motor vehicles, and in some instances, even lead to physical confrontation or personal injury.

As a result, both home and business owners are seeking out ways to bolster security at their properties. While burglaries can occur randomly, new alarms and surveillance cameras are excellent preventative measures.

If you’re considering CCTV installation in Sunshine, Balwyn or any other corner of Melbourne, keep reading to find out how and why they deter criminal activity.

Traditional vs Modern Alarm Systems

Alarms have come a long way in recent years. Bosch and other leading security brands have developed cutting-edge alarm systems that feature everything from precise movement motion detectors to smart home wiring, high-resolution image capture and many other innovative capabilities.

Although they are still effective in certain situations, traditional alarm systems tend to pale in comparison to the advanced models available today. A traditional system generally comes with infrared sensors and single-factor authentication access, such as swipe cards or codes. While many modern alarms come with CCTV cameras, this is not always the case for traditional alarms.

Newer alarm systems are also equipped with intuitive technology that minimises false alarms triggered by pets, light or wind. Some brands even allow you to allocate specific areas or times where you wish to bolster security.

Across the board, these technological advancements allow home and business owners to gain greater control over their security. Now, with this established, let’s dive into some of the ways modern alarms and security cameras deter crime. 


Whether they are installed on fencing, entry points, backyards or within the property itself, both alarms and CCTV cameras act as a visible deterrent to criminals. Put simply, if an intruder/burglar has the choice between a property with a fully integrated security network and one without, the former represents far less of a challenge.

When visible and clear, these security systems will cause intruders to pause and move on to another target. Beyond the audible response of an alarm, the idea of being captured on video surveillance footage is also a serious deterrent for would-be criminals.

If, for example, your property is the only one in sight without a noticeable security system, this may leave you wide open to opportunist criminals. This visibility is one of the major reasons clients turn to us for alarm systems in Campbellfield, Taylors Lakes, and countless other Melbourne suburbs. 

A Quick Response

When the unthinkable happens and a break-in occurs, modern security systems notify you straight away. This can either be at the property itself or via a direct notification when you’re at work, on holiday or out doing your errands. This is a critical feature for businesses and industrial sites, as the vast majority of burglaries take place outside business hours.

Through intuitive motion detectors, new alarm and CCTV systems instantly detect unusual activity and trigger a response. When the alarm rings out and activates, this will provide a level of deterrence to any unwanted visitors. In addition, this will also bring attention to the intruder in the eyes of neighbours and onlookers.

Another benefit of new security models is the option for remote 24-hour monitoring, where a third-party provider will be instantly informed of an intrusion and notify you as soon as possible. With the help of licensed professionals, your system can be easily connected to smartphones, iPads and other devices to ensure that you receive immediate notice of any security breach.


From break-ins to auto theft and general trespassing, lights are an excellent way to startle intruders and in turn, deter criminal activity. One way to use lighting as a security measure is through the installation of automatic sensors, which are included in many residential and commercial security packages.

In the same vein as audible alarms, these sensors will also inform others in the nearby area when unusual activity occurs. Bosch, Dahua and many other brands also come with day and night sensor technology that automatically kicks in at specific times. 



This next point primarily concerns businesses, offices and other commercial settings. As a business owner, the addition of CCTV security cameras is a great way to deter theft from employees and customers.

While CCTV cameras certainly don’t need to be a dominant feature of your indoor or outdoor decor, their mere presence is a visual reminder to any potential criminals that their actions are being monitored. For commercial parking lots, outdoor cameras are another common measure used to prevent would-be burglars from committing auto theft.  

The Importance of a Proper Home Security System

It is no secret that home break-ins and theft are a growing concern for many Melbournians. Remember, door locks are good, but you can always do better to keep your family safe and secure.

Beyond a general sense of security, alarms and CCTV cameras are a real, tangible deterrent to residential crime. Whether you’re catching a potential burglar in the act or making them think twice, we highly recommend investing in a proper home security system.

As one of Melbourne’s foremost security companies, Hypower can equip your property with a state-of-the-art system to deter any potential trespassers and burglars. Whether this involves alarms, security cameras or an all-in-one integrated network, our technicians will provide a seamless installation, as well as ongoing maintenance and repairs moving forward.

We have successfully installed alarm systems in Bundoora, Croydon, Camberwell, Ringwood and almost every corner of the city. Our experienced technicians can also work with you to find a system that best suits your security needs, as well as your budget.

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