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The Role of Intercoms in Strata Real Estate: Communication and Safety

Apr 02nd, 2024
Intercom In Strata Real Estate

Across Australia, the need for reliable medium and high density housing continues to grow. While the number of flats, units and apartments continue to increase, so do their security demands.

Intercom systems are one of the cornerstones of strata real estate management. Once installed, these systems give each building an important layer of security and control. From communication to safety and peace of mind, the role of intercoms in strata real estate should never be overlooked.

Today, we’ll dive into what makes intercoms so effective, why they are important, and how you can get them installed at your building.

How Intercom Systems Work

Intercoms are fairly common communication devices that transmit audio and/or video between two parties.

While the functionality and capability changes from system to system, every intercom is designed to serve the same purpose; controlling who can or cannot enter a building. Put simply, they allow the person who lives or works in building the ability to verify each individual that wants to enter.

Apartment intercom systems have two key pieces of hardware. First, a master station is installed at the building entrance, where individual buttons are also placed for each apartment. The intercom master station is connected to a power supply, as well as locks, and in some cases, the local Wi-Fi. The second component is the substations, which are installed in each apartment.

Intercoms may be audio only, or come with touch pads and video imaging technology. This will all depend on the scope and age of the system installed. Newer systems, for example, are likely to have more features and generally offer more reliable communication.

How They Work in Strata Real Estate

Unlike individual homes, the role of intercoms in strata real estate is inherently unique and nuanced. This is because while an apartment may be owned by an individual or family, they are still sharing walkways, entrances, and stairwell areas with other tenants or property owners. 

Let’s use a practical example centred around a residential block with 8 apartments. When a person wants to enter a building and visit their family, friend or acquaintance, the intercom system will have buttons that correspond to each apartment. 

As soon as the button is pressed, the person inside that apartment will be notified. If they recognise or are expecting the guest, they can hit their own button to automatically open the gate or security door. Typically, this will be in the form of a touch pad or phone set up inside the apartment. Of course, the opposite is true if they do not wish to grant entry, where unwanted guests will not be able to enter. 

In basic terms, intercoms are a way to ensure that every tenant receives a layer of protection, safety, and security. Below, we’ll explore some of the key reasons why this extra layer of security is so important.


Apartment buildings, especially high-rise blocks, are home to a constant flow of movement. From individual tenants to families, friends, tradespeople and more, every day is full of various comings and goings. This is where intercom systems facilitate channels of communication, without compromising the safety of those who live in the building itself. 

WIth communication in mind, let’s quickly explore 5 benefits offered by residential intercoms.


Intercom systems streamline communication between tenants and visitors, eliminating the need for shouting or running up and down stairs to grant access. With the simple push of a button, residents can easily communicate with guests and grant them entry. All in all, this framework offers greater convenience for everyone involved.

Improved Accessibility

With features such as crispy audio quality and video imaging technology, intercoms allow residents to quickly verify the identity of visitors before they grant access. This not only improves end-to-end communication, but also enhances accessibility for residents with hearing impairments or language barriers. If a reliable system is in place, this essentially ensures that everyone can easily communicate and interact with visitors.

Real-Time Updates

Modern intercom systems often come with advanced functions such as mobile app integration or cloud-based platforms. These unique features allow residents to receive real-time notifications and updates regarding visitor arrivals or package deliveries. This proactive communication also helps residents to stay informed about any guests, thereby enabling them to make timely decisions regarding access permissions.

Seamless Interconnection

In larger strata complexes or mixed-use developments, intercom systems can also be integrated with other building management systems, such as access control or CCTV surveillance. This seamless interconnection allows for efficient communication between different security components, and enhances the overall level of safety and security within the property.

Community Building

Intercom systems not only facilitate communication between residents and visitors but also foster a sense of community within the strata estate. By promoting interactions and engagement among neighbours, these systems contribute to a stronger social fabric and a safer living environment where residents look out for each other.

Need more security at a Melbourne apartment complex? We tailor fit each intercom system according to your residential home. Whether you need intercoms in Carnegie or alarms systems in Southbank, Hypower Security will find the best solutions and recommend the perfect security system.

Safety Benefits

WIthout the proper systems and measures in place, shared apartment complexes and buildings can easily fall victim to theft, break-ins, and other related crimes. Whether a tenant gets their bike stolen from the stairwell, or security is compromised for every tenant, there are very real consequences for a lack of oversight in this area.

As you’ll see, intercoms bring various safety benefits to strata real estate properties.

Secure Buildings

Greater Security

Intercom systems act as a vital security measure by providing a controlled entry point to the building. By allowing residents to verify the identity of visitors before granting access, these systems effectively deter unauthorised entry and reduce the risk of intrusions, burglaries, or other security breaches, thus enhancing overall safety within the property.

Deterrence Against Unwanted Visitors

The presence of an intercom system serves as a deterrent to potential intruders or unwanted visitors, as they are aware that access to the building is controlled and monitored. This discourages unauthorised individuals from attempting to gain entry, further enhancing the safety and security of residents and their property.

Emergency Response Capability

Intercom systems can be integrated with emergency response protocols, allowing residents to quickly communicate with building management or emergency services in case of any safety concerns or incidents. This rapid communication ensures prompt assistance during emergencies, such as medical emergencies, fires, or security breaches, enhancing overall safety and preparedness within the property.

Visitor Management

Intercom systems enable efficient visitor management by recording entry and exit logs, providing a comprehensive record of all individuals who access the building. This helps in monitoring visitor traffic, identifying any suspicious or unauthorised activity, and maintaining a secure environment for residents, contributing to enhanced safety and peace of mind.

Remote Monitoring

Many modern intercom systems offer remote monitoring capabilities, allowing building management or security personnel to oversee entry points and communicate with visitors from a centralised location. This remote monitoring enhances situational awareness and enables swift intervention in case of any security threats or safety concerns, further bolstering the overall safety and security of the property.

Getting an Intercom Installed

Resident security is an issue that should never be overlooked by a strata real estate company. Whether you run a building with outdated security measures, or one that requires an upgrade, the next step is to find a reliable security company and get an intercom installed. Here, you should always look for companies that have experience with intercom installation, as well as strata real estate projects.

As far as intercom systems go, it’s hard to go wrong with Dahua. As a worldwide leader in security, they continue to be at the forefront of product design, functionality, and user-friendly features. 

Dahua’s DHI-KTP01(S) IP Video Intercom kit is a complete security  solution. This kit comes with an outdoor station equipped with a wide-angle camera, a colour indoor monitor, and accessories to mount and power the components. Once installed, the kit allows each tenant to view and talk with visitors, then remotely unlock doors all from their indoor monitor.

Hypower Security: Melbourne’s Leading Team for Intercom Installation

At Hypower Security, we always operate with a few key goals in mind; to guard homes, protect families and secure local businesses. Put simply, your safety is our priority! This is why we’re proud to offer high-quality intercom systems for strata real estate managers across Melbourne.

We’ve installed everything from new intercoms in St Kilda to cutting-edge alarm systems in Altona. During every project, we only work with leading brands and manufacturers to make sure that the newly installed system offers the perfect combination of communication and safety. 

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