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Top 12 Benefits Of Home Alarm Systems

Aug 07th, 2023
Top 12 Benefits Of Home Alarm Systems

Your doors are locked and your windows are closed, but there are other ways to protect your property. If you’re ready to take your home security to the next level, home alarm systems are the ideal solution. Residential alarm systems work by setting up sensors and creating multiple zones in your home. These sensors range from motion sensors to contact sensors. Then, once the alarm is armed, the sensors will activate if unauthorised activity is detected.

If you are considering installing alarm systems in DandenongKingsburyBalwyn, or anywhere across Melbourne, this article has you covered with the information you need. 

We’re going to run through 12 of the main benefits you will enjoy when you install a home alarm system.

Let’s get started.

1. Protect Your Most Precious Possessions

This is probably the main benefit you think of when it comes to home alarm systems, and for good reason. When you’re the victim of a home invasion, burglars are likely to target your most valuable possessions first. This ranges from expensive electronics to precious jewellery to car keys (and then your car!) 

In some cases, the robbers may even inadvertently steal irreplaceable items that hold great personal significance, such as valuable family heirlooms or photo albums.

However, with an alarm system, you can sometimes stop burglars from stealing anything at all. This is because a loud, blaring alarm will go off the moment they enter your property, alerting you, the rest of the neighbourhood, and the authorities to their activity. Instead of rummaging for your most valuable items, their first instinct will probably be to get out of there!

2. Watch Over Your Family


Unfortunately, it’s all too common for home invasions to become violent. We’ve all seen it on the News. What starts as a simple snatch-and-grab escalates into physical injury when a brave family member tries to fight back.

With an alarm system, you can fight back in a different way. The noise of the alarm can scare off intruders or result in a quick response from the police and other emergency personnel, helping you to take back your property from home invaders without having to risk harm to any family members.

3. Help to Deter Property Crime

We’ve alluded to this in the first two points, but let’s cover it more thoroughly now.

Thieves and criminals don’t want to be caught, so they may be more likely to steer clear of your property if you have a visible alarm system and security setup.

If they do attempt a break-in anyway, the noise of the alarm and the attention it draws can deter a criminal from pursuing the break-in any further. If your whole street or neighbourhood is protected by alarms and other security systems, then criminals may think twice before targeting your area at all! All in all, an alarm system provides an extra layer of protection that can scare criminals away!

4. Remote Access and Alarm Monitoring

Your home alarm system will continue working for you even when you’re not at home. This is because many modern security alarm systems can be accessed, monitored, and controlled remotely from your smartphone or any other smart device.

This means that when your alarm goes off at home and you’re not there, you will also receive a notification on your device. In many cases, you can also arm or disarm your alarm remotely and control many other options from your mobile device.

So, whether you’re asleep in bed or away on holiday, you can always be aware of what’s happening at home, and you can know that someone is always responding when your alarm goes off.

5. Easy Installation

Close Up,of,young,male,electrician,installing,security,system,door,sensor

When home alarm systems first hit the market, they were large, complicated, and sometimes difficult to install. These days, you can have a modern home alarm system professionally installed in no time at all. An expert will set up security sensors throughout your property, install the main control panel and keypad, and ensure everything is connected to your home internet as required.

6. Home Alarm Systems Are Scalable

Another great benefit of alarms is that you can ramp up your security as required. Home alarm systems can be integrated with smart security cameras and other security features in the future, creating a comprehensive home security system. If you want to add extra security sensors, an intercom, or security cameras, simply chat with a professional and they will get the job done for you.

7. Home Alarms Are Relocatable

In most cases, it’s pretty easy to remove both wired and wireless alarms to relocate them to your new property. This is perfect for when you’re moving house or if you’re a renter.

However, alarm and security systems can also be a great selling point for your home, so if you’re looking to attract more buyers to drive up competition and prices, consider selling your home with the alarm system left intact. 

8. Not Just Affordable – But Cost Saving!

You don’t need to pay a fortune to install a home alarm system. These days, professionally installed residential security systems are becoming more and more affordable, all without sacrificing the protection that you crave.

As well as this, alarm systems and other security features can actually lower your insurance premium costs. At Hypower Security, our security experts have observed that you can save up to 20% on your home insurance policy when you have the right systems installed! This is because your insurance company knows your home and its contents have extra protection, which may reduce insurance premiums.

9. 24/7 Monitoring

When it comes to security efforts, technology prevails when manpower fails. You can form a neighbourhood watch or keep an eye on the property yourself. In some cases, you might even be able to arrange additional police patrols in the area. Unfortunately, you cannot have people watching over your property 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

However, your home alarm system can be active 24/7 and will activate no matter when the breach has occurred.

10. Reduced False Alarms

The sheer noise of an alarm system is enough to drive anyone away… that’s kind of the point! Having said that, you don’t want to put up with the noise of your alarm system only to find out it’s a false alarm. Of course, a false alarm is better than the real thing, but in an ideal world, your alarm never goes off unless it really has to!

In the past, false alarms could be triggered by pets or even something as innocuous as wind or light hitting the wrong area. These days, alarm systems are much more sophisticated and have been designed to eliminate false alarms without compromising the response time in a real emergency.

So, you can sleep soundly knowing that your alarm system won’t be waking you up for no reason at all!

11. Watch Over Kids, Pets, and Older Relatives


There might be times when your older children are at home alone, like if you’re just popping out to the shops or they’re getting home from work before you get home from school.

You can give your children access to the alarm system via the keypad or access control device, ensuring they can enter the property without tripping the alarm. Then, if the alarm goes off, you will be notified on your mobile device and you can contact your kids or ask a neighbour to check on them. If you also have indoor and outdoor cameras, you can access video footage remotely and see what’s happening at home with kids or pets.

Similarly, you may want to install an alarm system in the home of an elderly friend or relative. Older people can be more common targets of home invasions, and they may also require additional support.

Some burglar alarm systems can be fitted with smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, medical pendants, or panic buttons. With these features, an elderly relative can request emergency services, and the home alarm system can also automatically alert the authorities in any dangerous situation, from home intrusion to a medical emergency to a carbon monoxide leak.

12. At the End of the Day, It All Comes Back to Peace of Mind

Our homes are supposed to be our castles, and we deserve to feel safe and secure at all hours of the day and night. Security alarm systems can go a long way to providing you with peace of mind, especially if you’ve been the victim of a home invasion in the past.

With a residential alarm, you will always know that your home, family, and possessions are being protected from would-be intruders as well as other emergencies. This is one of the most important benefits of alarm systems. Whether you’re away on holiday, working in the office, or asleep in bed, your home alarm system will be on patrol.

If you’re considering alarm systems in SunshineRowville, or anywhere across Melbourne, chat with the Hypower Security team for complete peace of mind.

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