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What are the Best Areas to Position Security Cameras at Home?

Nov 23rd, 2023
What Are The Best Areas

As a homeowner, you have a lot to protect. Beyond general safety measures and locking up, there are countless ways to add an extra layer of security.

Once exclusive to commercial settings and the super wealthy, residential security systems are now more affordable and accessible than ever before. What’s more, you now have a wider spectrum of options at your disposal.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on an increasingly popular home security solution – security/CCTV cameras. Positioning plays a major role and it will require careful thought and consideration. When placed in the correct position, both indoor and outdoor cameras are a highly effective way to keep your home safe and secure. 

Throughout this article, we’ll detail some of the dos and don’ts of security camera placement. Hopefully, these tips will allow you to avoid common mistakes and make sure that your home is equipped to handle any security threat.

Why are Home Security Cameras Important?

Unfortunately, the state of Victoria has experienced a steady increase of home burglaries and break-ins. According to a recent analysis of crime figures, there has been a 30 per cent increase in aggravated residential burglaries. This analysis also identified that the majority of theft occurred in unlocked homes. 

In response to this growing issue, more and more Victorians are searching for a viable way to bolster their home security. As a Melbourne-wide security company, we’ve seen this demand grow first-hand, with security cameras becoming a popular solution.

A set of residential security cameras is an end-to-end safety measure. What we mean by this is that they not only act as a visual deterrent to potential intruders, but also provide concrete evidence that can be used to detect and identify perpetrators. Of course, this is where strategic placement becomes even more important.

Choosing Your Security Cameras

After a quick Google search, you’ll notice that there are many different options available. These options range from a small set of cameras to fully-fledged security systems. Deciding between basic or advanced ultimately depends on the size of your property, your budget and how many specific areas you want to protect.

When investing in security cameras, it’s always a safe bet to go with trusted brands and manufacturers. Both Bosch and Dahua, for example, are world renowned for innovation, product quality and user-friendly features. Their systems are also available in a variety of different prices and styles.

Regardless of the type of security camera you choose, it’s important to think about placement. The optimal locations for both indoor and outdoor security cameras depend on the size and layout of your property. Here are two key areas to consider:

Front Doors: A front door security camera is essential for keeping an eye on who is entering and exiting your home. Cameras like the Bosch MIC-700DL can detect motion up to 25-feet away. This will give you peace of mind that your home is secure, and it can also help to deter burglars.

Back Doors: If you have a back door entrance, it’s wise to install a camera there as well. The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is perfect for this purpose because it has night vision capabilities and can detect motion up to 40 feet away.

We will cover other important placement areas in more detail below.

Identify Suitable Locations

Already noticed suspicious activity or areas of the home that feel particularly vulnerable? This is a great place to start. Some common locations include doors, driveways, entry ways, carports, and windows. 

Entry points are typically set in place and form the basis of an effective residential security system. Put simply, this is where intruders and would-be-thieves are likely to attempt access first. Sometimes, the presence of a camera near the entry is enough to deter any potential thieves.

Of course, experienced security professionals are by far your best resource. During a site visit, an expert can determine the most appropriate areas and recommend security camera systems that are well suited to your property.

Professional installation ultimately puts you in the best position to receive all of the benefits associated with CCTV cameras. In particular, seasoned installers are great at identifying vulnerable blind spots that the average homeowner tends to miss.


Don’t Forget the Interior

While many security camera installations focus on outdoor placement, adding indoor cameras can be just as valuable and worthwhile.

When placing security cameras indoors, the most important thing to remember is to achieve adequate coverage of the entire home. It’s very tempting to focus on one area or room, but it’s just as important to consider the whole house and have multiple cameras covering different areas. An ideal setup should include cameras in each entrance/exit point such as doors and windows, as well as hallways, staircases, living rooms and kitchens.

With all of that said, individual preference still plays a large role in this decision. For example, not everyone is comfortable with installing these cameras in private spaces and prefer to take a more minimal approach. The good news is that today’s security brands have systems that accommodate for a wide range of preferences (such as the size, scope and number of individual cameras). 

It’s also important to know that modern security systems treat your sensitive data with the utmost care, so the risk of your private space being able to be viewed by outside parties is greatly minimised.

Areas to Avoid

Even if your intentions are purely based on boosting home security, adding surveillance to the wrong areas can have significant legal and ethical implications. Here are a few locations to steer clear of:

Neighbouring Properties: No one wants to be unknowingly recorded or tracked without their knowledge – particularly at home and at the hands of their neighbours. So, unless you have specifically discussed installation and reached an agreement, make sure that your home security solution doesn’t cross the lines of privacy, respect and legality.

Bedrooms: As a private area, these rooms are best avoided. Even if they are home to valuables and other important possessions, you must respect the privacy of your partner, family, friends and visitors. Instead, stick to the more common areas.

Bathrooms: Like bedrooms, bathrooms are another very private area of the home. The installation of bathroom cameras, therefore, crosses ethical boundaries. In addition, it is highly unlikely that an intruder will target this part of the house. 

So, if you’re about to invest in security cameras near Glen WaverleyMalvern or Moorabbin, remember to follow the recommended guidelines.

Monitoring Security Footage

After camera positioning is finalised and the installation is complete, you can now monitor the footage as you please. Many newer systems come with interlinked smart apps and extensions that send CCTV footage directly to your device. This provides up-to-the-minute info that can also be used to adjust camera placement. For example, you may pick up on a blind spot that wasn’t identified during installation. 

If you’re particularly concerned about criminal activity in your street or suburb, these features allow you to monitor and track everything over extended periods of time. This arrangement also works well if you’re on holiday or generally spending a lot of time away from home. Wherever you are, live footage is available at your fingertips. 

Can I Install Cameras Myself? 

This depends on the size and scope of the security package. Some systems do have instructions for DIY installation, and these may be suitable if you can access areas of your home without too much hassle. However, security camera installation is not always a walk in the park, which is why it’s usually best left to the professionals.

Licensed security technicians can both pick suitable locations and most importantly, how to install cameras in a safe manner. This may also allow you to develop and implement a security plan that is based around their expert advice. 

If you do end up installing a surveillance system yourself, it’s important to know the best areas for positioning your security cameras. Unfortunately, poor positioning can be the difference between catching perpetrators or letting them off the hook.


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